Personnel Consultancy for Marketing Positions in Healthcare

Sinceritas ist Ihr Experte in der Personalberatung für Marketing-Positionen im Gesundheitswesen und der Life Sciences Industrie. Mit einem eigens entwickelten Algorithmus finden wir in 90 Prozent der Fälle für Sie schon in den ersten 30 Tagen fähiges Fach- und Führungspersonal im Marketing für die Branchen Pharma, Biotechnologie, Medizintechnik, Leistungserbringer sowie Kostenträger. Mit unserem innovativen Ansatz und jahrelanger Markt-Expertise greifen wir als Ihre Marketing-Spezialisten auf über 450.000 Experten in unserer stetig wachsenden Datenbank zu.

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Trust-based partnership
  • Comprehensive market analyses prior to each search guarantees you open feedback regarding feasibility
  • Intensive consulting and highest confidentiality are ensured along the entire search process
  • Personal briefing of each position to gain a deep understanding of your corporate culture and requirements
Data driven candidate search
  • Proprietary developed algorithm and semi-automated multi-channel search guarantee suitable candidates and average placement times of 90 days
  • Continuous data analysis ensures fast optimization of the search process
  • Average presentation of first candidates within 30 days
Expertise in healthcare
  • Specialized recruiting teams communicate with candidates on an equal footing and understand your expectations
  • Network of over 450,000 contacts within our internal database
  • Attendance and sponsoring of over 20 trade fairs per year

The Headhunter for Marketing Positions in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Marketing - Mastering product positioning in a difficult environment only with the best employees

Marketing in the health sector is more difficult than in other sectors. 89% of the population regularly informs itself about health-related topics. However, less than 5% of the media budget of the German advertising market is spent on the health sector. In addition, the classic tools based on the 4-Ps, while successful for retail, do not work in all healthcare sectors. 

For example, in the case of pharmaceuticals, the patient is rarely free to choose a product. The advertising options are also much more limited than in other sectors. Differentiation and positioning of the product in the market is particularly important to highlight the unique selling proposition of the company. This is particularly critical to make the distribution of the product more effective. Only with the help of a specifically elaborated marketing strategy can sales sell the new product to the right target group. 

This is why it is crucial to find marketing specialists who have a comprehensive knowledge of the healthcare and life sciences industry. At the same time, they must also have a sound knowledge of marketing and innovative and creative ideas for marketing campaigns. These talents are rare on the market and therefore highly sought after. With our innovative search strategy and our specially developed algorithm, we find precisely these candidates for you, who would not be found with conventional search strategies.

Sinceritas supports you in your search for highly qualified marketing personnel

Sinceritas is your partner for staffing your open marketing positions in the healthcare and life sciences industry. With the help of our database, which contains over 450,000 specialists and executives, and our specially developed algorithm, we find highly qualified specialists and executives for you as quickly as possible who are well informed about the marketing specifics in the healthcare sector. In 90% of cases, we present you with the first suitable candidates within the first 30 days. 

Our recruiting team, which specialises in marketing positions, is able to respond to your needs and requirements in the best possible way and communicates with you and the candidates at eye level. Through two-stage interviews, we find the perfect candidates who fit your company both professionally and personally. 

In addition, our recruiting process is completely data-based and mapped on the software side. This enables us to adapt the search based on sound data in order to find the best candidate for you as quickly as possible. You save time and effort and can concentrate on your marketing activities again.

Sample positions:

Here you will find a list of sample positions that we have successfully filled in the marketing sector to date. You are welcome to send us a message with your enquiry via the contact form or contact us on 040 211 076 218.

  • Brand Leads
  • Digital Manager
  • Market Research
  • Head of Digitalisation
  • Online Marketing Manager
  • SEO/SEA Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Productmanager
  • Brand Manager
  • (Senior) Marketing Manager
  • Content Manager
  • Communications Manager
  • (Senior) Performance Marketing Manager


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