Executive Search

We support you in filling vacant management and key positions. Find the right candidates with a targeted direct approach

Sinceritas is your expert in personnel consulting for Executive Search in the healthcare and life sciences industry. Using a specially developed algorithm, we find competent doctors for hospitals, medical care centres, rehabilitation centres and private practices for you in 90 percent of cases within the first 30 days. With our innovative approach and years of market expertise, as your headhunting specialists for doctors we have access to thousands of potential candidates in our constantly growing database.
Sinceritas also provides active sourcing, direct search, employer branding and the selection of the right soft skills for suitable candidates.

Trust-based partnership
  • Comprehensive market analyses prior to each search guarantees you open feedback regarding feasibility
  • Intensive consulting and highest confidentiality are ensured along the entire search process
  • Personal briefing of each position to gain a deep understanding of your corporate culture and requirements
Data driven candidate search
  • Proprietary developed algorithm and semi-automated multi-channel search guarantee suitable candidates and average placement times of 90 days
  • Continuous data analysis ensures fast optimization of the search process
  • Average presentation of first candidates within 30 days
Expertise in healthcare
  • Specialized recruiting teams communicate with candidates on an equal footing and understand your expectations
  • Network of over 450,000 contacts within our internal database
  • Attendance and sponsoring of over 20 trade fairs per year

Filling vacant management and key positions as permanent placements

In the field of executive search, we support you in finding the right candidate for your open position in permanent employment. In addition to the classic active sourcing (the direct contacting of candidates) with our specially developed algorithm, we also use our network including over 450,000 candidates and advertise the position on more than 20 job portals. Thus, in 80% of the cases we fill your open position within 3 months.

Before each search, we conduct a non-binding market analysis free of charge to give you an overview and an estimate how fillable the position is and how long it will take to find the right candidate.

In our two-stage interviews, we not only check the professional but also the personal suitability of the candidate to ensure that the candidate fits in with your corporate culture and remains with you in the long term. All of our recruiters have a background in healthcare and are therefore able to pre-qualify candidates excellently.

In our bi-weekly Jour Fixes, you will be informed about the status of the search. You will receive a partner report for this with the current figures on the search. Based on this evaluation, we can adjust the search at any time and base this decision on sound data.

You will only be presented with suitable candidates who have been qualified by us, saving you a lot of time sifting through applications.


This is how our Executive Search works

Your Need

In a short phone call, you will get to know our way of working and our algorithm-supported process better. We will get an overview of your personnel challenges. Subsequently, we make an appointment for a personal meeting. For the meeting, we create a free market analysis of your open position. This will provide you with honest feedback on the feasibility of the search and an impression of initial ideal candidate profiles.


If you decide to work with us, one of our recruiting experts will discuss your requirements for the candidate - both professionally and personally.

Our algorithm and the candidates

After the briefing, our life sciences experts search for suitable candidates in our internal database of over 450,000 candidates as well as on over 20 different channels. Our specially developed algorithm also finds hidden candidates with special profiles in the healthcare and life sciences industry.


Our recruiters conduct initial interviews with the best candidates. Should a candidate fit your company both professionally and personally, you will receive an exclusive confidential report that will give you an overview of the candidate's qualifications. The uniform structure allows you to compare different profiles in an ideal way. In 90 percent of the cases you will get to know first exciting candidates in just 30 days.


If you would like to meet one of the presented candidates, the candidate will go through your internal interview process. You alone decide who you want to hire. We will be happy to coordinate the appointment with the candidate and support you in negotiating the salary.

Some of our references
Nico Breidenbach
Chief Product Officer - Ysura
Sinceritas hat uns erfolgreich dabei geholfen, schnell passende Kandidaten zu finden

Die Suche nach qualifiziertem Personal stellte sich für uns zunehmend als große Herausforderung dar. Durch die Kooperation mit Sinceritas konnten wir von einer umfangreichen Datenbank aus potentiellen Kandidaten profitieren und unsere offene Stelle als Senior Project Manager erfolgreich besetzen.

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Uwe Gladbach
Managing Director - ClinFlows
Professional and competent service!

"Sinceritas mastered the challenge of presenting candidates who had to fulfil very specific requirements from various specialist areas. We were very pleased with the continuous communication and the recruitment concept. And it led to success within the given time frame. A big thank you to Sinceritas!"

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Andrea Maugg
CEO - Scintomics Molecular ATT

We were very happy with the service and will gladly work with Sinceritas again!

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Ellen Laas
COO - PlantTec Medical
Professional staffing within a short time

"The cooperation with Sinceritas was very good and professional. The service convinced me from the beginning and the status of the search was clearly communicated throughout the process."

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Markus Knittel
Owner Gemeinschaftspraxis Innere Medizin Witten
Intensive involvement in the recruiting process

"We were in very good hands with Sinceritas. In particular, the intensive support and regular exchange led to pleasant communication and a transparent approach. We were always kept up to date."

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Ingo Fraedrich
CEO - VetZ
All expectations met

"Professional and customer oriented! I am very satisfied with the result. Many thanks to the Sinceritas team!”

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Mark Kugel
Co-Founder & CCO - Yuri

"The team provided excellent support throughout the entire process, screened an impressive number of profiles and ultimately suggested several very exciting candidates. We are more than satisfied with our new Chief Scientific Officer. Many Thanks!"

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Katharina Höhne
Managing Director - CARECOS Kosmetik
The cooperation with Sinceritas was characterised by a high level of professionalism and great coordination through the team.

"When we encountered various barriers in the search, the team was able to quickly and repeatedly adapt and change approaches and stayed in constant dialogue with us—and as a result we were able to hire a fantastic candidate."

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Klaus-Dieter Ziel
Managing Director - MEDCERT
I would work with Sinceritas again at any time in the future.

I felt very well looked after and can definitely recommend Sinceritas, even for very specialised searches. The whole process went smoothly and I am glad that I could rely on professional experts for my candidate search.

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Nico Breidenbach
Chief Product Officer - Ysura
Sinceritas has successfully helped us to find suitable candidates quickly

“The search for qualified personnel turned out to be an increasingly great challenge for us. Thanks to the cooperation with Sinceritas, we were able to benefit from an extensive database of potential candidates and successfully fill our vacancy as Senior Project Manager.”

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Stephan Köhler
Managing Director - Privatklinik Dr. Amelung
We were extremely satisfied

“The cooperation was characterized by a high level of professionalism and commitment. It was impressive how quickly the first suitable candidates were presented to us and we were always informed about the status of the search. Gladly again."

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus


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