Personnel Consultancy for Quality Management in Healthcare

Sinceritas is your expert recruitment consultancy for quality management in healthcare and the life sciences industry. With a specially developed executive search algorithm, we find capable specialist and management personnel for quality management for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology, service provider and payer sectors for you in 90 percent of cases within the first 30 days

With our innovative approach and years of market expertise, as your quality management specialists we have access to over 450,000 experts in our constantly growing database. Sinceritas also provides active sourcing, direct search, employer branding and the selection of the right soft skills for suitable candidates.

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Trust-based partnership
  • Comprehensive market analyses prior to each search guarantees you open feedback regarding feasibility
  • Intensive consulting and highest confidentiality are ensured along the entire search process
  • Personal briefing of each position to gain a deep understanding of your corporate culture and requirements
Data driven candidate search
  • Proprietary developed algorithm and semi-automated multi-channel search guarantee suitable candidates and average placement times of 90 days
  • Continuous data analysis ensures fast optimization of the search process
  • Average presentation of first candidates within 30 days
Expertise in healthcare
  • Specialized recruiting teams communicate with candidates on an equal footing and understand your expectations
  • Network of over 450,000 contacts within our internal database
  • Attendance and sponsoring of over 20 trade fairs per year

The headhunter for quality management positions in healthcare and life sciences

Quality management as the basis for outstanding product and service quality

A crucial factor in the healthcare and life sciences industry is quality management. Poor quality is devastating in terms of customer and patient safety. Regulatory requirements can be found along the entire value chain, whether in the production of pharmaceuticals (GMP guidelines), the manufacture of medical devices (Medical Device Regulation), or in risk management in hospitals. 

At the same time, QM is not only a challenge, but also an opportunity to create long-term customer loyalty. The aim is to be more effective and at the same time more efficient in order to meet the increasing quality requirements. Today, more than ever, companies in the life sciences and health care sectors need outstanding product and service quality to remain competitive in the long term. Inevitably, this includes capable technical and managerial staff who bring the necessary expertise and keep up with trends such as certifications and the latest standards. 

Sinceritas supports you in your search for precisely those employees who fit your company both professionally and personally. Our recruiting team monitors new trends and changes in quality management on the market on a daily basis. Through constant exchange with our customers, we are aware of the qualitative product and service standards they demand. Your customers will appreciate the qualitative difference and you will bind your target group to your company in the long term.

Sinceritas supports you in staffing highly qualified quality managers to ensure that you can maintain high standards of quality

Sinceritas enables you to find highly qualified employees for your quality management. We have many years of experience in the healthcare and life sciences industry and all our recruiters have years of experience in this field. 

They are supported by our specially developed algorithm, which enables us to find even highly specialised specialists and executives in quality management, who are difficult to identify with conventional search methods. This recruiting process enables us to find the right candidate(s) for your vacant position(s).

We also have a database of over 450,000 professionals and managers. Our entire search process is data-based and mapped on the software side. This means that we can adjust the search at any time based on sound data, in order to find the perfect candidate for your open position in quality management as quickly as possible. 

In 90% of cases, we present you with the first candidates within the first 30 days. Your workload is significantly reduced and you can fully focus on your core business.

Sample positions that we fill in quality management:

Here you will find a list of sample positions that we have successfully filled in the quality management sector to date. You are welcome to send us a message with your enquiry via the contact form or contact us on 040 211 076 218.

  • Head of Quality Management
  • Quality Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Qualified Person
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Project Manager Quality GMP
No items found.


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