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Sinceritas is your headhunter for nursing managers

The nursing service manager coordinates, trains and evaluates the work of the nursing staff in hospitals or other care facilities. This also includes outpatient care or rehabilitation clinics. The nursing service manager is a manager and is officially in Germany referred to as a "specialist for management tasks in nursing". This means, he or she has important knowledge of the challenges in nursing and a good overview of human resources.

Search for soft skills

Because we work with a specially developed, algorithmic database, we can find these skills with precision. Our experienced and trained recruiters define the appropriate aspects already in the first interview. This means that you already benefit from our subsequent initial analysis. Especially for the management level, special skills are crucial.

Challenges of the nursing management

As the financial pressure on hospitals or medical care centers increases, a manager is not only required to have excellent economic thinking – he or she must never lose sight of the patient's needs. Training in a nursing profession is a prerequisite for becoming a nursing manager, at least 2 years of practical experience.

The person who takes this path must demonstrate further training, which usually has to be paid for privately, unless a master BAföG (similar to a student loan) takes effect. He or she must therefore invest time and money. The increased salary is a reward for the investment. However, the responsibility also increases to the same extent. The nursing manager has sole responsibility in his or her area and reports only to the hospital management.

A wide range of tasks

In personnel matters, the nursing manager must make appointments, supervise interns and provide training. Hiring interviews and conflict management are part of the daily tasks. In addition, it is about the distribution and ordering of operating resources. To do this, he or she must have an insight into demand and be able to plan ahead. To this end, it can be advantageous for the nursing management in smaller hospitals or nursing facilities to also work hands-on in addition to his or her management function.

At the same time, it is challenging not to neglect the administrative workload. After all, it is also a matter of economic control of the entire nursing area. The accounts, which are only partly taken over by the treating physicians, have to be delivered to the health insurance companies on time. Staff must be managed and controlled. And finally, patients must be satisfied.

Consulting and support

Securitas understands the challenges of this industry. We work closely with hospitals, medical care centers and practices. Through our initial market analysis, we identify the current situation and your needs. Together we can then quickly find the best candidate. Contact us for a free initial consultation - we look forward to hearing from you!


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